Despite our best intentions to relax and to slowly wander the city and ruins, spending Christmas in Italy (specifically Italy) is guaranteed to cause anxiety—there’s so much to see and so little time to see it all.

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Cars vacate the city’s Centro Storico, and people walk freely in the middle of the streets.

Waiters in white aprons post outside the and bars, enticing tourists to stop a while, drink a glass of wine, and dine under the stars.

Termini is a destination unto itself: It not only is the major transportation hub, it’s also a shopping mall with fashionable and popular stores, restaurants, and even a grocery market.

After a long, tiring day of touring the city, reaching Termini for a train to your hotel can be a relief, if it weren’t for the fact that there’s limited public seating.

We decorate our homes inside and out with lights, candles, and greenery.

We stuff stockings and send Christmas cards to family and friends. Of course, we're celebrating the birth of Jesus, but did you know that many of our modern-day Christmas traditions have their roots in ancient cultures and practices, some of which actually predate Christ? Christmas festivities often include the hanging of the greens.

And, although you’ll probably purchase several travel guides before traveling to Italy, the Roma Pass Kit includes a map of the city, illustrating the location, addresses, phone numbers and even timetables of popular tourist information points, metro stations, and museums and sites of interest., a program of events and tourist services eligible for discounts divided by area of interest: art, music, theater, dance and entertainment.

Where to go, what to do and what to see are easier decisions with the Roma Pass because you’ll want to take advantage of the discounts and perks.

Christmas trees, mistletoe, holly, and poinsettias grace homes, businesses, and churches.

Many traditions involving greenery originated in Druid, Celt, Norse, and Roman civilizations, which celebrated the winter solstice around December 21.

This three-day pass not only gives you unlimited access to public transportation, it allows you to skip the long lines at some of the most popular attractions.