Canning Woo - Canning Woo is Suyuan’s second husband and father of her daughter Jing-mei.

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She fears that in trying to give Waverly American opportunities, she may have undermined her daughter’s Chinese identity; Lindo also fears that she herself may have become too assimilated.

See “Analysis of Major Characters.” Read an in-depth analysis of Lindo Jong.

Waverly fears what her mother will say about her white fiancé, Rich.

See “Analysis of Major Characters.” Read an in-depth analysis of Waverly Jong.

Domineering and tyrannical, Taitai made Lindo’s life miserable and ignorantly blamed her for the fact that Lindo and Tyan-yu had no children.

Marvin Chen - Marvin was Waverly’s first husband and is the father of her daughter, Shoshana.

Vincent Jong - Vincent is Lindo and Tin Jong’s second child.

When he received a secondhand chess set at a church-sponsored Christmas party, his sister Waverly discovered her interest and talent in chess.

Waverly fears that the same thing will happen when she marries Rich.

Lindo’s mother - After Lindo was engaged at the age of two, Lindo’s mother began to talk about Lindo as if she were already her mother-in-law Huang Taitai’s daughter.

Lindo knows that her mother did so only because she wanted to keep herself from feeling too attached to the daughter she loved so dearly but had already given away.