Most sites host conversations by webcam for pre-arranged meetings.But that is far from the only way to practice your foreign language skills!I checked the app out for this article, and now I use it all the time! You don’t want to always be speaking your native language and become the teacher. If it’s not already in there, you can make the card yourself.

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The app also offers tools to help you in your exchange, such as a translator, voice transcription, etc…

Lately, it has also evolved toward a full-fledged social network: with now more than a million users, the exchanges possibilities are countless.

That way you can also look at your phone to see what came up in conversation during the week.

And what about you, have you already tried chatting online in a language you’re learning?

Think of it like sending text messages, except it’s free.

The beauty of online chatting lies in its anxiety-free setting.

It’s best to choose lighthearted topics to avoid political or cultural debates that could throw a wrench into the Introduce yourself during the first exchange to find common ground for conversations. It’s a great wait to challenge yourself and put what you’ve learned into practice.

For example, on the weekend, you can Skype with your penpal for a little bit.

You should both write in the language that each of you is learning.

You can also comment in the target language on a news article: just send the link and say a thing or two or ask their opinion.

A photo of your lunch, your vacation spots, your new book, anything that conveys who you are and gets you talking. You can send a pic and some words that describe it (which is more helpful than Instagram), or even send over a word or two that you want to ask about. Try to transcribe something your penpal says in the language you’re learning for an added challenge.