I liked the look and feel of DEAD SILENCE, but I wasn’t crazy about the big showdown scene taking place in a house without electricity (with just a flashlight to clue us in).

Still, this was a film that at least tried to be something different in an age of retro-slashers and paranormal activities.

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I liked that the dummy (and Mary) “stole the voices” of their victims and how Mary’s hand-written journals give instructions for “Making the Perfect Doll,” that take a particularly creepy turn.

Not a great movie, but a somewhat enjoyable one, despite its flaws.

If you’re afraid of dummies, then this movie will play on those fears, but if not, you won’t feel the chill as much.

The “twist” ending is clever enough, but won’t be giving me nightmares anytime soon.

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For the answer to those questions, you’ll have to check out DEAD SILENCE from 2007.

"That was quite an interesting place to start a season — with the fact that I’ve just killed a man and then trying to deal with that," he told us yesterday.

We chatted with him about what's in store for Jason, playing those crazy sex scenes, and perfecting his Louisiana accent. We had our premiere last night and they showed the first two episodes.

From the use of surreal imagery and strong atmosphere to the Goblin-esque synthesizer score in some scenes, to a scene toward the end where Jamie finds himself in a basement room submerged in water that seemed like a nod to Argento’s INFERNO (1980).

There are also scenes where Mary Shaw’s corpse moves around much like the witch from “The Drop of Water” segment from Mario Bava’s 1963 horror anthology film, BLACK SABBATH.

The buzzer rings and Jamie finds a mysterious package outside their door.