**TEAMCEST BONUS: YOU GUYS LITERALLY HAVE THE SAME FRIENDS BECAUSE YOUR ONLY FRIENDS ARE ON YOUR TEAM.** The love and passion for dance that dancers share is something indescribable, something that you can only feel personally. The hell weeks going into that one competition where you’re against each other might not just be hell at practice…When you find a dancer who shares the same interest as you – the same drive, the same commitment to dance – it feels fantastic. Now that you’ve snagged yourself a dancer, you are clearly Keone and Mari – except you’re not. ** When you’re dancing, in competition mode, in practice mode, then you have school or a job or both… As probably the most common answer as a con to dance-lationships (mostly in teamcestual situations): Just because you see each other at practices or you spend time together at competitions or performances does NOT classify as spending time together as a couple (well it does but it shouldn’t be the only time you spend together).Despite the fact that many people start dance for these reasons, I don’t think it stays that way if they continue in dance. There’s also the other extreme: pro dancers who spend social dancing romancing newer dancers because social dancing is just the same-old at that point.

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There are a lot of people who begin to dance after the end of a romantic relationship, looking to fill a void.

There are girls who want to become sexier and learn how to move in a sensual way.

But, these are rarely the serious dancers in the room.

Same thing with free intro Kizomba classes and other sensual dances: the intro levels get an influx of people who are there for the jollies instead of the dance.

Whether you’re thinking about dating a dancer, you’re currently dating a dancer, or you’ve dated a dancer…

You’ll be able to relate to this list of pros and cons…

If you’ve ever dated a non-dancer, then you’ll realize that you can only talk to him/her before or after practice because it’s too hectic during, right? So you’re one of the lucky ones who somehow branched out at a mixer and is dating a dancer from a different team. But your practices are Monday/Wednesday while his are Tuesday/Thursday?

So you can either text him/her before 7pm or after 2am, but news flash: some people actually sleep before midnight. Dancers are up at random hours of the night; have you ever checked Facebook after a really long practice and noticed the people online are mostly dancers? With schedules coinciding, you can hang out at with your dancer girlfriend or dancer boyfriend, in the wee hours of the night and eat together at 4am (though I’m pretty sure this is not great for your health). Dating a dancer will enable your late-night binges **TEAMCEST BONUS: YOU GET TO PRACTICE TOGETHER, WHICH EQUALS TIME TOGETHER! And because the community is so tight, if things get a little messy, don’t think that it’ll be a secret. And it’s ‘long distance’ because he’s on a different team too?

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