Two more Mummies were presented, one named Victoria, which has no head and is very similar to the mummy Maria that everyone already knows, as well as a baby tridactyl whom they have called “Wawita”.

Radiocarbon dating was performed by the UNAM, as well as a laboratory in the United States, where in both cases the different pieces date from 1000 to 1800 years old.

Few if any scientists experts in archaeological remains, anthropology or research on mummies were present, except for one that I knew.

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Maussan and the scientists were apparently form-based and not content-based. ) were much more diplomatic than he and went to the Swisshotel “calming the situation a bit” while he preferred to abstain from participating to avoid any trouble.

(At min of the video he mentions something about “interests” that do not agree with Inkari’s principles).

Thierry Jamin from Instituto Inkari was not present during the July 11 presentation by scientists, Gaia, Mr. His associates from Instituto Inkari (including Instituto Inkari’s vice President) said that he was sick or not feeling well. Results from some DNA tests apparently dating to May 2017 were apparently presented by Mr. This reminds me of the rather scarce room attendance at the 2013 Citizen’s Hearing for Disclosure in Washington, DC.

However, he presented some information in a parallel internet broadcast in French. Jamin while the rest of the team did not present any DNA results stating that they were not ready yet. Jamin’s DNA results refer to finding human DNA in the sample tested but I don’t know if this means that only DNA is present. although in Lima it was not a call for all citizens, but primarily a call for the press and there were many empty seats remaining.

Absence of metacarpal and metatarsal bones not palms or standing plants Square shape of the foramen magnum, different from the human one that is oval.

The Albert mummy of 60 cm presents horizontalized ribs, correct biomechanical skeleton, swallowing function, but not chewing.

We hope that these same authorities will seek the protection and adequate investigation of these remains, as well as the place of origin of them, in order to stop the huaqueo (illegal digging and selling of archaeological artifacts) and trafficking of human remains.

We also expect exemplary sanctions for those responsible for this depredation of the heritage that is of all Peruvians and humanity.

Update July 13 As expected, reactions have been varied, occasionally measured but, for the most, highly opinionated, usually simplistic, polarized, often insulting of the integrity of others.