or neuroendocrine functions through neuropeptide activation. Oils can thereby trigger profound energetic changes in the individual, which can be monitored by often immediate changes in the pulse, complexion, breathing, etc. I am grateful and humbled and thankful to you for giving the information with such passion, intelligence and patience. I so appreciate the depth of study, the passion, the integrity and the immediate usefulness of the information and the overall experience.

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Essential oils are proving highly effective in these cases for creating profound and lasting shifts in treatment outcome – when used skillfully, mindfully and safely.

This information-packed seminar will explore the various ways that genuine essential oils can be incorporated in a professional practice to better serve our patients' needs.

Though the farmers prospered, the town existed in a static state for decades, varying only slightly in population, demographics, crop selection, and the like.

Poway has a creek and fertile soil, but the lack of easily available water prevented the settlement from attracting large-scale farmers and the accompanying population growth.

In September 1839, Corporal Rosario Aguilar was granted Rancho Paguai a ranch in the valley and it was confirmed on May 22, 1840, but he refused it, becoming Juez de paz in 1841 and moving instead to San Juan Capistrano.

American settlers began to come to the valley for farming purposes in the late antebellum period.

Traces of these Native Americans still remain in Diegueño.

Poway's contemporary history began in the late 18th century, when padres from the Mission San Diego de Alcalá kept cattle in the valley.

Various pictographs adorn many of Poway's boulders, and modern dating techniques suggest these paintings date to the 16th century and earlier.

The original name of the valley ("Pawiiy" or "Pauwai") is derived from the Kumeyaay language of the Diegueño Indians who roamed the area for several hundred years before the Spaniards came.

Essential oils can bring a powerful new dimension to any type of hands-on practice, whether in acupuncture, craniosacral and most forms of body work.