Adam comes looking for Aaron and Cain provokes him leading Adam to fight with him and knocking him to the ground, pouring petrol over the garage holding a blowtorch to him telling him to "say sorry".Cain refuses to say it and tells him if he was going to set the place on fire he would have already done it.

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Robbie grabs the keys of Cain's BMW telling him this is how he can get his revenge on Cain. Adam and Robbie take off to sell the car and on their way a drunken Kerry Wyatt is walking along and they run her over.

With Adam about to go back and help her Robbie tells him not to as they'll get arrested.

A few weeks later Mia and Adam start dating again, unknown to anybody but are soon caught put by Declan. After John and Moira rekindled their relationship Adam, Hannah and Holly booked a weekend away for them.

On the way to the hotel the jeep skidded on some black ice on the road leading John and Moira to crash.

After Robbie comes home from court Adam and him have been drinking all day in the pub.

Cain has words with him as he is giving him and Moira dirty looks in the pub.

When the boys and Holly go on a boys night out, Aaron and Adam were involved in a car crash and Aaron cut his head.

As Adam was checking it out, Aaron leaned in for a kiss.

Adam tries to end the affair but Ella tells him if he ends it with her he'll have to end it with Mia.