That was around the time they were paired with each other in the coming-of-age films , Kaye confirmed that her relationship with John Lloyd lasted for only "nine months" because they were too young at the time.But the two have remained on good terms even after the end of their long-running show In a 2008 interview, John Lloyd opened up about another short-lived romance, this time with Krista Ranillo.

In mid-2003, the couple got caught up in a controversy: talk had it that Ciara tried to commit suicide following a temporary breakup with John Lloyd. The veteran entertainment editor wrote that it was just a “bad case of taking one sleeping pill too much to put herself to sleep after an overnight taping for her ABS-CBN show .” The editor also reported that John Lloyd was at Ciara’s birthday party, where she was seen wearing the ruby ring that he had given her as a gift.

Ciara is said to have finally called it quits in 2005, giving John Lloyd’s “misbehaviors” as the reason she got “tired” of the relationship.

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These “misbehaviors” were subsequently revealed to be the actor’s supposed problem with excessive and uncontrollable drinking.

The on-and-off relationship of John Lloyd and Ciara lasted two years.

But their secret romance turned sour when Ruffa discovered for herself what John Lloyd had admitted to her at the beginning of their relationship., ‘You can drink all you want till you turn blue, I don’t care.’" Ruffa was referring to her marriage to Yilmaz Bektas, which ended amidst allegations of spousal abuse. According to Ruffa, she made it clear to John Lloyd that he should man up before reaching out to her again.

And then in January 2011, she became entangled in John Lloyd and Shaina’s love troubles.

Ciara now is a proud mom of her two-year-old son with estranged husband Joe Oconer. A romance, nipped in the bud, was that of John Lloyd and Heart Evangelista in 2005.