This clash of civilizations also takes place in less prominent places, like the Internet forums of the Bosnian Web site Studio Din.

Here the heirs of the officially godless, socialist Yugoslavia can learn about the Salafi doctrine.

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Radical Muslim imams and nationalist politicians from all camps are threatening Sarajevo's multicultural legacy.

With the help of Arab benefactors, the deeply devout are acquiring new recruits.

A chastely-dressed wife and four children add themselves to the picture.

It's a scene of domestic tranquility that stands in stark contrast to the railing sermon of the controversial Koran scholar.

The women sit separately, screened off in the left wing of the building. " Shortly after stepping down from the pulpit, Nezim Halilovic -- the imam and fiery speaker of the King Fahd Mosque -- reveals himself to be the perfect Bosnian host.

It is the day of the Khutbah, the great Friday sermon, and the city where the imam has predicted Israel's demise lies some 2,000 kilometers (1,240 miles) northwest of Gaza. He has fruits, nuts and sweetened gelatin served in his quarters behind the house of worship.

Er berichtete als Reporter von den Kriegen im ehemaligen Jugoslawien und über Krisenherde weltweit.

Mayr leitete die Büros in Wien und in Moskau, ehe er 2013 nach Rom wechselte.

Familiar Allegations Sarajevo's King Fahd Mosque was built with millions of Saudi dollars as the largest house of worship for Muslims in the Balkans.

The mosque has a reputation as a magnet for Muslim fundamentalists in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the imam is said to be the patron of the Wahhabites, although they call themselves Salafites, after an ultra-conservative movement in Sunni Islam.

Another Explosive Situation Sarajevo is at the crossroads of the West and the Orient, in the heart of Europe -- a place where Islam meets the Catholic and Orthodox churches, and a place that shares the historical legacies of the Ottoman Empire and the Austria-Hungary of the Habsburgs.