Ellie moved into Sean's apartment after her mother passed out drunk and started a fire in their home in Our House.After the school shooting, Sean moved back to Wasaga Beach to be with his parents, leaving Ellie and their relationship behind.Sean and Ellie, in particular, begin to talk and relate to each other as misunderstood individuals though Ellie assumes Sean is someone pretending to be deep & meaningful to get with her so she uses it to her advantage by acting like this misunderstood person though the more they talk the more they discover something about each other.

Prior to dating Sean, Ellie's first taste of a relationship was merely a cover as she was only dating Marco to hide the fact that he is gay.

Therefore, Ellie admits to Sean that she isn't quite experienced enough to know how a real relationship is supposed to work and she wants Sean to show her how. In Our House, Sean regretfully reveals to Ellie that he and his brother are relocating to Alberta, which means they have to break up.

In Don't Dream It's Over, Sean is annoyed with Marco Del Rossi's presence as a third wheel to his new relationship with Ellie.

Ellie tries her best to balance time with her best friend and boyfriend, even if it means bringing Marco on a movie date with Sean and herself.

In Take On Me, Ellie and Sean are serving Saturday detention along with Jimmy Brooks, Hazel Aden and Toby Isaacs.

Coming from completely different social cliques, the five of them find it difficult to get along at first but boredom leads them to all form a temporary bond.When they return to school on Monday, Ellie finds Sean, apologizes for what she did and gives him the real tape, stating that she's not going to write the article.Sean forgives Ellie and the two of them began dating.As they moved down to Carbondale, Illinois to begin their first year of medical school, both had sworn off dating.School would require too much attention to spend any time worrying about a relationship.The ring would glimmer in the splendor of the first sunbeams of the day. And right as they arrived, and Sean began to lift the blindfold from Jacque's eyes... They were soaked instantly, but nothing could stop the couple from beginning their journey through life together at this moment.