The ingredient list is on point, but that price, tho... I've been using my gifted, homemade mix (coconut oil amla powder what has to be essences of frankincense and myrrh) before every wash (with a plastic cap and heat for 20 minutes) and it does seem to perform better than just coconut oil alone.My hair feels heavier (when I shake it and y'all know I likes to shake it), I shed less (no little beasties in the shower) and there is no need for a shine serum once my hair dries. By the bye, Shakuntala says that pre-poos are absolutely essential for healthy hair-- Indian women don't miss a pre-poo session and neither should we. Cop the real stuff- If you're like me and want your ish pre-made, head over to From Nature With Love, Butters-N-Bars or Henna Sooq.

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These are truly “inactive” because they’re added ONLY because they look good as part of the label.

They serve no function other than to attract consumer’s attention.

Using MRIs you can measure the effects of impaired blood flow on that diffusion, and see how this can turn into that.

Although disc degeneration has multiple causal factors, with genetic, occupational, and mechanical influences, alteration in nutrition has been proposed as the final common pathway.

Amla Oil (coconut or sesame oil infused with dried amla pieces/powder) has been a staple in Indian households for centuries, and when used regularly as a pre-poo treatment, results in darker, shinier, THICKER hair.

They claim that it promotes hair growth and reduces premature hair fall.

Goji Berry Extract: A super fruit proven to enhance blood circulation and libido.

Adaptogen Blend: Synergistic blend of herbs to reduce stress and improves energy.

Well, besides hipster trinkets like my fake nose ring, a gorgeous, ornate clutch and ALL the pashmina scarves, I also brought back a few beauty secrets! Bitta and homemade amla oil from one of our hosts, Shakuntala, I didn't turn down nothin' but my collar.