At some point (usually after three to six months) you must acknowledge whether it is just the secrecy that is sexy, or if true feelings have developed in one or both parties.

If you two have conflicting expectations, breaking up is the only honorable thing to do. If a serious relationship is budding, no need to hide it.

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(Because, given the odds, you'll both move on within a few months.)Your decision will depend on the happy hour specials or end-of-year bonuses, as well as on the potential of the relationship.

Obviously you should risk less for a one-night stand than for a chance at true love, which comes along less often than a charming little watering hole or a decent job offer…3.

Since his kids come first you have to be nice to them! Things might happen and he may be late or have to reschedule. Your boyfriend has a lot going on so it is better for everyone if you do too.

Last thing he needs is another hungry mouth to feed. You have to be able to deal with them if they have a tough time adjusting.

When the office break-up inevitably comes: Don't even try to score sympathy from your other colleagues during after-work happy hour drinks, unless you're prepared for a big fat "I told you so." And do your best to avoid sobbing out loud in your cubicle, too–public displays of grief after an office romance are even more annoying than the not-so-sneaky making-out-on-the-clock that preceded it. No need to quit just yet, but it may make the situation feel more bearable if you can convince yourself it doesn't have to be permanent.

Agree with your ex to save all "closure" talk for after 5pm, off company property. In the meantime, hide behind an over-sized office plant whenever you see your ex coming.

Here are some tips if you find yourself dating a single dad. This shows you how he will treat you and your kids. It takes a level of patience and maturity that some women may not have but it can be very rewarding as well. They are usually more mature and considerate as well as kind, caring and patient. So this means a woman who can be this for him too will mean the world to him.

If you don’t understand this, you may not want to date a single dad because kids always come first. It is natural to want your man to put you first but with a single dad this is just not possible. They are used to putting some one else’s needs before their own.

Not to mention the inevitable resentment such insider trading stirs among the staff members who choose to keep their pants on.