When it comes to meeting Thai women you basically have three options: Thai women love the idea of meeting first-time foreigners in Thailand (you are not a sex tourist in their mind).

They get excited, and if you ask, they will meet you up at the airport to welcome you to “The land of smiles.” Great start for a holiday, isn’t it?

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By now, you should know that I travel only for one reason; DATING LOCAL GIRLS.

And let me tell you that “Bangkok girls are super cute, sweet and easy going.” What if you could meet beautiful girls willing to do anything to make you feel happy and… It that case, “Welcome to Thailand.” With this guide, I hope to make your trip to Bangkok lot easier and SUPER exciting.

Some are there for a holiday, some for business and some is living and working in Bangkok full time.

As Bangkok’s biggest red light district in terms of pay for play options, the area surrounding Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP) is hard to compete against.

Mind the ladyboys working around Sukhumvit road and on Soi 4 with the intent of robbing and cheating. Just goes to show how popular this type of venue is in Nana. There are twelve to fifteen “girls” on stage at any time. The “girl”s that are not dancing move around the bar, chat with the customers, try to get a drink, etc.

Ladyboys here are surprisingly educated and not pushy, which makes the experience relaxing. They don’t just sit down and look bored, like in some other Ago-go bars. If you are into ladyboys, you can find more reviews on popular ladyboy’s club on these websites: Angel Witch – A popular bar with many girls inside and well known for its nightly shows.Learn How to Date Asian Women Online Do you feel lonely – and worry that you’re doomed to a single life? – I can talk to girls of any age located all around Thailand. By signing up with Thai Cupid you will access to thousand of Thai girls.What if there was a way to meet 1, 3 – even 10 or more – attractive girls right now – even while you’re on the other side of the planet? – Thai Friendly – Not as many women as in Thai Cupid dating website but definitely enough to get you started.The most popular red light districts are: For those looking to escape the nightlight of the red light districts, head down to Sukhumvit Soi 11 to visit the expat bars and clubs.“Cheap Charlies” is an ex-pat institution and you will find people every night of the week.If you are looking for more than just a pop or bang, wish to meet a Thai girl to spend a romantic holiday together and why not, fall in love, I have the right and easy solution for you to date a local woman. There are hundreds of university and office girls that would love to spend time with you to improve their English language skills.