Responses were calculated across six different themes – community connections, finances, relationships, health, lifestyle and environment – in an initiative published by Sainsbury’s this week.

There will be many users who would not be able to take advantage of this feature because of smartphone variants.

For example, we used the feature on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and found that the display flash did work, but was either delayed or too quick for the camera capture.

And Sahara Ray, whose celebrity profile grew due to a rumoured fling with Justin Bieber, has uploaded new videos to her profile flaunting her body yet again.

The 24-year-old shared a number of uploads on Monday frolicking in the ocean with gal pals, going without her bikini top at one point as she enticed viewers.

The new feature allows the user to take selfies in the dark from the built-in camera app itself.

When using Whats App to take a selfie, you need to switch the camera to the front-facing sensor.Apple's web browser Safari 10, which will ship with mac OS Sierra, will disable Flash, Java, Silverlight, Quick Time and other plug-ins by default.The move will help the company improve the overall web browsing experience by focusing on HTML5 content.People who regularly had a good night’s sleep ranked an average of 15 points higher than those who struggled to drop off, making shut-eye the number one variable for contentment in the study. People who felt very satisfied with their sex lives scored on average seven points higher on the index than those who were frustrated or dissatisfied with their lot in the sex department.It’s worth noting this is about the quality of sex respondents perceived they had, not the frequency.The scale was created by a team from Oxford Economics and the National Centre for Social Research, who polled over 8,000 Britons to find out what it means for them to live well.