At Marib's gun market, a Kalashnikov assault rifle sells for a few hundred dollars and a hand grenade for , said Yemeni soldiers who accompanied Reuters on a visit to the city last week, and who all bought their weapons locally.Heavier weapons are also available, they said, including rocket propelled grenades, mortars and light artillery - popular items with local tribal leaders long before the war began and used as much to impress followers as for any martial value.

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Viele Vertriebene sind auch in Schulen untergebracht oder obdachlos und schlafen am Straßenrand.

Es sind nur noch wenige [Hilfsorganisationen] da, hauptsächlich Oxfam, das Rote Kreuz und Ärzte ohne Grenzen, und die Helfer leben natürlich in ähnlicher Gefahr wie die Menschen vor Ort.

"One way to have settled who provided the targeting for the catastrophic attack on the wedding would have been an international inquiry, but sadly the US did not lift a finger to make that happen," said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch.

While CENTCOM officials insist that the American assistance program is "primarily an advisory one," experts counter that the coalition would have immense difficulty operating politically and militarily in its absence.

Wars in the 1960s, 1980s, 1990s and last decade, the involvement of a range of regional and international powers, the constant fighting in nearby countries like Somalia and the disintegration of the army have facilitated the influx of arms.

In this volatile environment, weapons are often customized: an assault rifle turned tommy gun via the addition of a big circular magazine, an anti-aircraft canon mounted in place of a machine gun on the back of a pick-up truck, three fighters sitting proudly behind.

[In Flüchtlingslager] trauen sich die meisten nicht mehr, seit die Saudis das größte Lager im Jemen bombardiert haben.

Also werden die Ausgebombten und Fliehenden in den Dörfern untergebracht, oft unter verheerenden Umständen: 40 Leute in einem Haushalt, weil eine rund siebenköpfige Familie an die fünf Familien aufnimmt.

Aber ohnehin müssen wir betonen: Für 21 Millionen Menschen gibt es keine Lösung durch humanitäre Hilfe.