Two days later my mom was outside and noticed a box not in front of any of the doors, but on the lawn and it has been rained on for the last 48 hours.

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I have on my “Gift Me” a link for there in case anyone is nice enough to get me a gift certificate there, since I use it regularly.

Well normally delivery is not an issue, and the box of goods is left right outside our door.

I put one foot up on the side of the bed and started to wipe myself with them.

All of a sudden I lost my balance and went over, falling between the bed and the dresser, dropping the phone, laughing, as the panties were stuck between my legs.

I got back into bed, and talked to the poor guy as he finished masturbating and came. After we finished talking, I got up and placed the panties in the bag and envelope to be mailed out to him. I’m kind of a goofball, so it was quite appropriate to say the very least!

I decided to write about this following topic since so many have asked me about it.

It does remain one of my more memorable sessions to be sure though due to the risk involved.

So for all of you that have wondered about that brief mention of that incident in that audio, there is the full story. This random rambling of mine has been rattling away in my brain since my first posting at Literotica a few years ago.

My mom and I were housesitting for a friend of hers. It was a foolish and risky thing to do, and now I would never do such a foolhardy thing. There was a cement step I sat on at the edge, legs spread, caftan pulled up around my knees and I aimed the high pressure of the hose at my clit.

A water induced orgasm is usually very fast and furious, so I knew I wouldn’t be there long, it was likely under 5 minutes.

Many of my fans enjoy reading about my masturbation mishaps and laughing at the embarrassing fixes I’ve gotten into, or nearly gotten into. We get groceries delivered, and I found a couple of years ago a wonderful online store for toiletries called