At right, boudoir photography specialist Catherine Leonard (left) gives Donohue some tips on posing seductively.(celimages PROVOCATEUR (left), Kristy Leibowitz (right)) Susan Blake (left), a hairstylist who teamed a boudoir photo session with friends Zank and Thomspon to celebrate womanhood, says having friends around “takes the pressure off” and fosters a friendly vibe.

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“It definitely makes for great photos when there are a lot of women doing this together.” Not that it’s everyone’s cup of tea.

Stay-at-home mom Erica Mc Cabe, 41, of Jackson, NJ, and her teacher friend, Amy Fence, 40, of Manahawkin, NJ, couldn’t persuade their other girlfriends to come to their $3,300 boudoir shoot in Atlantic City in February. ’ But now they’ve seen our photos, they wish they had! Most photographers, however, are prepared to make concessions for the less daring by offering equally fabulous, albeit fully clothed, “glamour” shots.

As part of their bachelorette bash, brides-to-be Amy Blair (center) and Jennie Richards (far right) pose provocatively with their sisters Shelly Blair (from left), Jillian Richards and friend Tara Jefferson.

Photographer Christa Meola snapped Amy Fence (far left) and her pal Erica Mc Cabe in sexy loungewear during a girlie sojourn to Atlantic City.

At right, Jen Thompson shows off her baby bump — and her legs — before surprising her deer-hunting husband with a set of sexy pics for Father’s Day.

(Loboudoir Photography) Laughing hysterically, the five bachelorettes strip down to their panties, get up close and personal and pose confidently together for the camera.The boudoir party trend grew out of the vogue for boudoir photography, where brides pose for sultry photos to present to their husbands as wedding gifts.“A lot of girls would bring along a friend for moral support, so then we thought, hey, wouldn’t it be fun if it was a whole group of people?“Like a lot of new moms I feel insecure about my body, but I recently lost 9 pounds, which was very hard work,” she reveals, adding that having four of her closest friends in the studio — complete with a couple of glasses of wine — helped her relax.“Catherine has a great way of coaxing the best out of each person.” She can’t wait to gift Policano his set of photos, but says the stellar souvenir of the shoot was the memory.“Goofing around, having fun with your friends makes the experience very special,” she says.