God commands single Christians to only marry Christians.The wisdom in the command is probably something you experienced when you were going out with your friend.

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Living with a non-Christian will limit your ability to serve, to give, to go to Church, to offer Christian hospitality, and you will find yourself constantly having to decide between two people you love - generally speaking one will eventually win out over the other, either you will end up hating Jesus and loving your non-Christian husband, or hating your husband and loving Jesus.

Being married to a non-Christian is a long, lonely, painful existence.

When two people enter into a relationship, they bring their worldviews together and must agree to walk in the same direction with their lives - otherwise it just doesn’t work.

A Christian lives their lives oriented towards the Lord Jesus, non-Christians hate the Lord Jesus (the Bible is pretty clear on that one, as nice as non-Christians often are).

But primarily, for Christians at least, dating is about heading towards marriage.

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