good graphics, good story, nice topic, well made at all. Because of how much it reminds me of playing Westwood Studio`s Blade Runner game, I love this little beauty.As usual from Leonizer and Lession Of Passion team. Throw in some dark humour, and you`d have an adult version of Discworld Noir.

There is a continue button that lights up when I mouseover, but no matter how many times I click it nothing happens. it seems that the girl rhea is somehow his daughter resurected in the game making one wonder if the second game is going to involve recusing her I should say, though, that this is a great game! It is so atmospheric, and unlike some of the other games where the story is a little thin, the story here is so deep and intriguing. If you don`t hit the continue button exactly on the button part, but click somewhere else on the screen, it still continues, but then you get stuck.

Also, the design of all the characters and their costumes in this game is fantastic. There is another bug in the first scene that I got quite a few times, where you are about to meet Jasmine but then it jumps you back to the intro, and then when you start over Cy is there but the items are gone, and you have to restart. I can`t finish the game because I keep running into a bug.

There is a continue button that lights up when I mouseover, but no matter how many times I click it nothing happens. I managed to get two endings, the one where Thorne gets shot, and the one where they capture Rhea. Great job guys, I hope to see another installment soon! Some RPG elelments would really just top this game off.

Suggestions: The Sex scenes interfaces were TOO simplified in this one but it shows you are listening when we say we wanted easier to use sex scene interfaces..just went a little too simple. Okay, a very intriguing story line, and I`m looking forward to the next part, if there is one.

You can still click things if you can `guess` where your mouse is.

Buttons even highlight if yo happen to pass over them by chance.

really good game...i like the story(and am really curious where you are going to take it), like the world, and love you graphics...looking forward to the next chapter... nice game, good graphics and story, but have some bugs with the mouse arrow if replay the game. I`m missing the "fix me fuck me" and the thing with the brute. I tried different things with the junkie but nothing really worked I think. High standard in these games with hidden achievements to keep the interest.

@chiefton-there is at least four girls that you can fuck... Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. In this case right clicks helps a bit, but not so much... ah, and I also had the bug with the invisible curser after the fuck-scene. Few bugs to iron out with the pointer thing disappearing after action scenes.

If you play the game first time it is no visible, but when want to get achiv or sth else and you need to wait until the "speech" is performed by the characters - that is irritating! Second bug is more subjective - why have I this bad luck that I can`t have sex with interesting (and beautiful) minor characters like Fixer (know that is an achvi, but no sex) or Blanca (I love Laura game). I have always wondered why nobody makes great erotic stories. Alright, I managed to get all the achievements; Cy Loves You Dude - Just be nice to her at start Talking with a Tin Can - When Jas first enters, try talking to her droid.

Normally I don`t like sex stories that are such gloomy and dark, but generally is a very good game, a game that aspires to be something better than typical sex game. It always either great story without any erotic feel to it, or silly sex games. One of Your Whores - Sleep with Jas Beauty and the Beast - Seems to be just talking with Brute/Mistress.

But the graphics were a little too dark for me, hard to see what`s on the screen, and hard to read the text. The transitions between screens should move faster.