#14 Hayden Moss Ho H Wins: 4 Po V Wins: 1 Total Wins: 5 In season 12, Haydens victory was identical to Drews, with four Ho H wins, one Po V win and a four-man alliance called the Brigade.#13 Aaryn Gries Ho H Wins: 4 Po V Wins: 1 Total Wins: 5 Aaryn was a controversial figure on SEASON 15 for her comments, but she also dominated competitions, winning four Ho Hs faster than anyone in the history of the game.

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#19 Danielle Murphree Ho H Wins: 2 Po V Wins: 2 Total Wins: 4 Danielle was a loyal acolyte for coach Dan Gheesling in season 14, winning two Ho Hs and two Po Vs, doing whatever he said, and coming in third for all her troubles.

#18 Crazy James Zinkand Ho H Wins: 1.5 Po V Wins: 3 Total Wins: 4.5 His half a win came in the early weeks of the couples season when he won Ho H with his partner, Chelsia.

He was also NEVER in danger of being evicted, only getting nominated one time (though he was saved by use of the Po V).

He shares the record for most times as Ho H in a single season with three other players.

#27 Erika Landin Ho H Wins: 2 Po V Wins: 2 Total Wins: 4 Erika had one Ho H win in season 4, but when she came for All-Stars she got another Ho H, two Po Vs and a second place finish after getting bamboozled by Boogie.

#26 Jordan Lloyd Ho H Wins: 3 Po V Wins: 1 Total Wins: 4 Jordan won season 11 by winning two Ho Hs and one Po V, and even more impressively, she made it to fourth place in season 13 despite only winning one Ho H.

However, he still finished 5th in season 11 and 7th in season 13, getting bested by his girlfriend Jordan both times.

#8 Frank Eudy Ho H Wins: 3 Po V Wins: 3 Total Wins: 6 Frank was a dominant competitor, picking up three Ho Hs and three Po Vs, but he was also nominated more than anyone else and only made it to seventh place.

Then Crazy James got evicted, got voted back in, and won another Ho H and three Po Vs in a row.