It was very comfortable.” Souray becomes almost spiritual when talking of the arc of his athletic life.

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So it’s rare to get him off his game the way he became distracted when he attended at a party in Malibu during WWE Summer Slam in 2009 with hockey pal Chris Chelios and musician Kid Rock.

The fun-loving hockey player was halted in his tracks when he saw, then briefly met, Barbie Blank—a.k.a. Athlete-to-athlete, there was immediate common ground. Only later would they discover the level of their mutual attraction.

"With my marriage, I stayed much longer than I should have.

Back then, I was like, I'm going to change him." The two split for good in 2007 and share two children.

She's very sub[missive], with the smile of a Stepford Wife and totally numb inside," she bluntly adds.

"She's been beyond hurt." Check out the clip above to see how the "Million Dollar Matchmaker" group plan on testing Angelica, as she dips her toes back into the dating pool.

He loves life at the beach, sharing summers and days between games with Blank, who retired last year from the pro wrestling circuit to focus on modeling and acting.

For Blank, there’s been learning curve since she’s become a hockey fan only in recent years.

“I’m really glad we did this together, it was a blast,’’ she says.

“We played off each other and we could be ourselves in front of the camera.

So from where I started, if I had played one NHL game, that would have been a success,’’ he says.