“He knocked the fan over and it cracked it still works. Then he swiped my ashtray and stick holder into the floor and it smashed and it went everywhere.“He would always threaten to go to Colombo or Dubai to work and not come home. He once said that he would go to work in Korea but never did.PHOTO COURTESY: Mail Online She said the last few months with Priyanjana, 33 years her junior, who was shot dead last month were ‘tough’ as he became frustrated and flew into rages.

The former Merchant Navy seaman said: “None of the family here wanted her to go out there in the first place.

Family and friends tried to put her off it, she couldn’t speak the language and his English wasn’t so good.

Two men are understood to have been arrested in connection with her husband’s death.

Raped, branded or beaten repeatedly, more than 50 men from Sri Lanka’s Tamil ethnic minority say they were abducted and tortured under the country’s current government.

“His friend told me they were jealous because he was rich.

They were jealous because he had a nice a house, a minibus and a tuk-tuk. They must have gone looking for him.” The widow says she is currently unable to return to her native country due to her financial situation and believes that her husband’s family now want to keep the money she handed over.

Diane said: “From what I’ve been told two men turned up on mopeds looking for him.

They shot him three times, twice in the chest and once in the stomach.

“I don’t know what happened but he didn’t come home as often as I thought he would.

“The last few months were very hard as we argued all the time and he would get angry and smash things.

A 59-year-old British woman, whose young husband was murdered in an alleged blackmail plot, has revealed troubling details of their controversial marriage that has left her trapped in Sri Lanka – saying her husband never wanted sex and turned violent before he was killed.