In other words, this is a recycled website, and you’re just the latest in a long line of dupes.

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Having to give Victoria a very negative review is a little depressing for us. Granted, it looks like it’s trying REALLY HARD to copy Ashley, one of our top websites for hooking up while you’re married. This was kind of a relief after going through a bunch of websites that clearly don’t give half a crap about even trying to look legit.

Victoria might be a copycat, but at least it’s a well-designed copycat. When we say “very few,” we don’t mean that we had trouble hooking up in certain cities. Check out some of our reviews of our favorite websites, like the one Victoria is ripping off, Ashley However, there is a BIG warning sign plastered all over even the very first page when you first go to the website to look around.

That’s where there are actually a lot of beautiful, LOCAL women to choose from.

Or if you want to see the excellent original that Victoria is trying to copy, check out our number two site, Ashley

We can understand if you don’t have a big presence in EVERY city-after all, not every site has the kind of membership that Erotic and Ashley do.

However, as soon as you buy an account on Victoria, you start to realize that all the beautiful women you saw when you first logged on are conspicuously absent from your current list of matches.Of course, the fact that these girls didn’t know their “Ja” from their “Jaegermeister” was a pretty big hint that this wasn’t just a bad site, it was a very unsafe site for our money.We didn’t go on a single date, and we didn’t hook up with a single girl. Have you ever spent an afternoon engaging in art appreciation, basketweaving, or learning the names of different kinds of pollen?Browse through niche dating directory to find online dating websites that fulfill your very specific need!With the rise of the internet, dating has experienced a few changes.After we sent out 200 emails on this site, we got back…19. Of the responses we got back, we were considerably less than impressed.