The sweet manager gave me tea and cookies when I arrived, and it seemed to be a gathering point for backpackers in the region. Check current rates and availability here Samarkand is also an interesting tourist destination as its historic Silk Road sites are scattered throughout an otherwise modern city.Here you can stay in a traditional Uzbek bed and breakfast that’s a short walk both from the ancient Registan and from a flashy department store!

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You can go to one of the many restaurants in town specializing in , a traditional Central Asian pilaf dish, which many argue is best in Uzbekistan, and sit and people watch as you enjoy your meal.

While Uzbekistan is a fairly conservative country, there are also several bars in town that you might be interested in visiting to experience a bit of Uzbek nightlife.

Check current rates and availability for Samani Bukhara here While a bit out of the way for many tourists as it lies 470 kilometers west of Bukhara, Khiva is a gem on the Silk Road not to be overlooked!

Mention Khiva to any Central Asian and they will probably give you a big smile, “Ah, Aladdin!

Unlike Samarkand, whose most popular sites are scattered throughout the city, however, Bukhara’s ancient sites are mostly contained to its small Old Town.

This means that if you stay in one of the many charming inns within the Old Town’s walls you can do all your exploring on foot!

With its stretches of rolling desert, rich culture, tumultuous history, and stunning architecture marking the country’s importance along the ancient Silk Road, Uzbekistan offers tourists an exciting and unique adventure.

While travel to Uzbekistan might not have quite the undiscovered feel of neighboring Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan, as tourist buses crowd the country’s popular sites, this is for good reason.

In Bukhara I first stayed at a hotel with a creepy manager, but then I upgraded to a nicer hotel, Samani Bukhara, which I loved!