It sends members to university campuses to work on attracting young girls, a popular commodity for cults that use honeytrap tactics.Most Korean churches quickly learned what they were doing and began posting anti-SCJ posters on their doors forbidding the subverters from entering.She showed me a Mannam brochure and told me about the group.

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Mannam is a humanitarian group, and they would not turn away this cult just because you hate them. Such an opinion is usually accompanied by a complete ignorance of SCJ’s teachings and history coupled with a reluctance to correct that ignorance.

If you are going to form an opinion about SCJ by its front groups and the nice young people in them, you might as well form an opinion about North Korea by believing its propaganda.

I published the article, complete with images of some of the classrooms.

They showed adults studying Korean and generally having a pretty good time. Something on their faces, I could tell they felt awkward being there, something was wrong.

This is nothing new, and many Korean cults have been doing this for years. I don’t like to get into this too much, but suffice it to say, they took the Christian Bible and inserted their leader Lee Man-hee as a continuation.

I’ve heard them describe Jesus as being promised in the Old Testament, fulfilled in the New Testament, and in a similar way they see Lee Man-hee as promised in the New Testament. He started SCJ in 1984, when the Universe completed its first orbit.

Don’t judge SCJ by the quality of the kimchi you made at a Mannam cooking class or the goal you scored at a Mannam soccer match; judge SCJ by Lee’s hate-filled book , judge SCJ by the testimonies of former members and their families, judge SCJ by its lies.

Better yet, sit down with the mother of a young girl who has been indoctrinated to believe her mother is possessed by Satan and then tell me SCJ does no harm.

He also is the only one with a total understanding of Revelation with his own symbolic interpretation that requires a great amount of studying from his followers.