The RF module can be used to receive data wirelessly.

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Have you ever tried to decline a cocktail napkin on an airplane?

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Basis is backed by decades of aging research from world-class scientists -- which is probably why 10% of their customers are doctors. The one thing that hasn't been taken away by airlines is soft-drink service.

And with every drink comes a three-inch-by-three-inch cocktail napkin — which, unlike pretty much anything else, the airlines really, really want to give you.On these i/o pins external peripherals are connected. Most of the pins of a microcontroller are input output pins.The rest are power supply pins or the crystal oscillator pins.Very extensive range of tutorial is made available by us to help you get started with them easily.Software for this board is development using the C programming language.x Board also demonstrate the interfacing of TV's IR remote control with microcontroller.