I remember a story of American author O'Henry about the legendary scammer Jeff Peters who practiced his skills in matrimonial industry long before the Internet (I read it in grade 6 - of course, in translation to Russian).

To refresh your memory, him and his loyal friend Andy Takers decided to organize a low risk venture by placing an ad at a newspaper for singles: "Wealthy nice widow is looking for an honest kind man who will take a good care of her and her capitals.

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What Internet has brought new is the possibility of using typing to express feelings that requires much less actor skills than face-to-face communication. Even phone conversation can give you more clues of what's really going on (though men usually tend to misinterpret subtle signs excusing them by the language barrier). Those girls are below average according to Russian standards - they would not be even considered as beautiful there; I have dozens applications from much nicer and REAL girls every week! Usually the contact originates from a personals site where anyone can place his/her ad for free.

So of course you must be aware of the fact that there are some individuals out there who may try to extract from you some amount in cash playing on your feelings. Do you give up looking for a car only because your neighbor's car engine collapsed the next day after he brought it home? Look at the Black List - the same letters are used again and again, it's just pictures and names that change from time to time. ), a computer with Internet access and a couple of female acquaintances that are (for a modest fee) willing to pick up Western Union transfers for you. Most often it was not you who initiated the acquaintance; you received a letter from a lovely Russian female who was interested in you.

There are usually sequences of letters, and they send the same messages to all their correspondents, one by one, making the only change - the man's name (usually it appears only once, or does not appear at all - *she* uses "sweetheart", "my love" etc instead).

And of course earlier or later it will end in money request.

They are too busy corresponding with dozens potential victims, so they simply don't have time for that. They don't remember what you have written - actually, they don't relate to the content of your letters at all.

Those letters could be sent to anybody: "her" letters are pure monologue that becomes more and more obsessed with "her love" to you and her desire to be together with you despite of everything that separates you.

But now it became a long list of names of individual scammers!

After reading the horror stories of this page many men say they feel frustrated with the whole thing. As a volunteer editor of this little forum, I can say that nothing can be further from the truth.

Scammers (with their "romantic" letters) always stand out.