Come on Apple – write a program that can scroll a text list without hanging my machine.I have a modest sized music library and a fast new PC – why does moving the scroll bar freeze my whole system for 30 seconds? Why does it constantly nag me to install new versions, and make me reinstall quicktime each time? What if he and Ddraig became friends with Great Red before meeting Raynare? Gohan is more scarred than he appears in the Anime, both mentally and physically.

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(OCx Harem and Isseix Harem, because this is Dx D) (Slight Crossover with Devil May Cry)Issei Hyoudou dreams to become the Ultimate pawn, Harem King as well as becoming an Ultimate-class Reincarnated Devil. 2; Involves the best elements of every great Fan Fiction I have ever known of. With unavoidable conflicts approaching, Issei will have to monopolize this power and use it as a last resort. This is going to be a silent/dark Issei so consider yourself warned. He learns that he is the great-grandson of the Vanashing Dragon Albion and coincidentally has his sacred gear Divine Dividing and the strongest Vritra sacred gear.

Unknown to the Supernatural world, Issei is the Tenryuukotei, the True Emperor of the Two Heavenly Dragons who wields both the Boosted Gear and the Divine Dividing, and also is the wielder of the Evil Black Dragon King Emperor's Gauntlet, the fourteenth Longinus.[Alternate Universe fic.] I decided to make a Fanfiction that played the entire series from beginning to end. Rated 'T' for possible cussing and eventual romance. The war is over, Voldemort was defeated and the summer draws to a close as the new school term begins. Will he return to school for his 7th year, be an Auror…or something else? At Kings Cross Station, Harry makes a choice to seize control of his own destiny. Harry & Daenerys Pairing An alteration during Gohan's battle with Buu sets off a chain of events that pushes the next generation of warriors to the forefront of the story - whether they're ready or not - under the tutelage of the previous generation's remaining members. (Cover Image isn't mine)Things have heated up for our favorite monsters. OPIssei Isseix Kurokax Harem What if the Deathly Hallows were always meant for Harry?

Harry but only when written well and when its manipulate-me-and-die. Ships I like or tolerate Harry Potter: Harry/Hermione Harry/Luna Harry/Blaise (female)Harry/OCHarry/just about any Slytherin girl Harry/Tonks Harry/Harem Harry/Bellatrix Harry/Narcissa Harry/Bellatrix/Narcissa Harry/any girl not usually used Harry/Hermione/Ginny Harry/Hemione/Narcissa Harry/any combination of more than one girl (just has to have Hermione in it most of the time)Ron/Luna Ron/Lavender Ron/Patil Sisters (either or both)Neville/Ginny Neville/Luna Draco/Ginny Inuyasha Inuyasha/Kagome Sango/Miroku Sess/Rin (when she's older)Sess/OCShips I dislike: Harry Potter: Harry/Ginny (I might be able to tolerate on occasion but i really dont like it when its just Ginny it Just seems so fake to me)Ron/Hermione (I absolutely LOATHE this ship its even more fake and sick than just Harry/Ginny I mean come on between the fights and the denseness I dont know which is worse! However his experience at the Cell Games has given him an aversion to the Super Saiyan 2 form. (REMASTERED) Rewritten story-line of DBZ post-Cell. Focused mainly on Gohan, who I felt was not done any justice during the Saiyaman/Buu Saga.

Badass Issei x Harem x Fem Vali x Tiamat At the first task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament Harry sees his chance to strike down his enemies - and takes it. Warning: Graphic Now 17 Years Old, Gohan is enrolled at Orange Star High School. Half a century later, Harry Potter feels adrift in a world teeming with millions of fantastic folk, until one book leads him on the path to discovering his ill-fated parents' efforts to conceal a most dangerous magical secret.

Lemons Approved by Azure Story Teller, a "What If" AU Story of his fanfic "The Heroic Calamity". Their friendship gradually blossoms into something more - something that Voldemort will come to regret - the Power he knows not. Isseix Ophis Isseix Sona Isseix Ophisx Sonax Kunoux Harem Two Gohans from two different timelines will die in their timelines.

Life was relatively normal for Issei Hyoudou, but the day a new transfer student joins Kuoh Academy, his entire life changes forever as he learns of the power sleeping within him, and the ancient enemy that seeks to destroy it. Vali/Harem]Harry Potter was Sorted into Slytherin after a crappy childhood. First through third year near canon, more AU from fourth year on. Right after they die a mysterious man pulls them out of their timelines and fuses both of their souls to the soul of 3 year old Gohan.

Gohan decided that the best thing to do is to never get close to anyone again. When he awoke, it was to a wailing scream and gentle singing. Omnipotence was not something the True Issei had expected once he had died.

Seven years after the Cell Games, our favorite half breed has become a hollow shell of who he used to be and now not even his closest friend Piccolo can approach him. Once, he had been known as Harry, a word worn like a crown, the burden of it mantled upon him and dragging his head down until his neck nearly snapped from the weight of it. He completed his goals in life, saved the universe and exiled himself to his own dimension, wasting away as he pursued his thirst for knowledge and his ability to watch the lives of other unsuspecting Isseis.

Things won't always be what you expect, in this new tale of Dragon Ball Z!