The first lifesaving club in the world was founded at Bondi Beach in Sydney.

The 'White Australia' Policy was established, the Australian Labor Party was formed, Empire Day was inaugurated and the High Court was set up. The New South Wales Aboriginal Protection Board was established and Canberra was chosen as a site for the federal capital.

Questions for research and discussion: It was a time of change.

Australia's high profile in sport continued with success in the America's Cup, the Wallabies rugby tours, the world surf-riding championship and victory in the Ashes tour of England for the first time in 55 years.

Questions for research and discussion: By 1994, the Australian Labor Party has governed Australia for over 10 years, Paul Keating is the Prime Minister and the move for Australia to become a republic is gaining momentum.

The voting age was reduced to 18 years old and university fees were abolished.

Germaine Greer wrote `The Female Eunuch' which became a bible for the rising feminist movement.The Australian population at the beginning of the decade was over 4 million but was sadly depleted by the end of the decade by the Great War.The Aboriginal population had already been reduced, but those left were still not counted in the census.In 1975, a constitutional crisis occurred when the Governor-General dismissed the Whitlam Government and appointed Malcolm Fraser, the leader of the Liberal Party, as caretaker Prime Minister.Labor lost the ensuing election and Malcolm Fraser became the new Prime Minister.); and Kelloggs Cornflakes, Cadbury's chocolate and Vegemite were fast becoming part of the national diet.