For mathematicians with an interest in technology we have developer roles which require strong commercial acumen in order to partner with our Business areas.

The event is open to 2nd - 4th year undergraduate students and MSc students.

A Ph D careers event is being planned for spring 2017.

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The company offers an exciting opportunity for career development.

Effective leadership and achievement are quickly recognized and rewarded.Some need communication, some want to have a good time, some people go there to rise their self-esteem, someone flirts and just enjoys the process, some people want to find a sexual partner, and, of course, there are people, who want to find their future husband or wife to create a family.If the organizers set no special dress code, it is better to choose smart and comfortable clothes.Different to normal careers fairs, the event has students in small groups moving around a room to meet with representatives from various industries in a speed dating fashion, enabling both companies and students to see a number of people in a short period of time.After the rounds of “dating”, the room is opened up for free networking, so that students can follow up with more questions or meet with representatives they were unable to see in the rounds.We are looking for maths students for our internship and graduate programmes in IT and Business, both of which require a high level of technical ability.