If they must occur, at least postpone them as long as possible.

Sense of "bring or come to a halt" (mid-15c.) is from notion of preventing a flow by blocking a hole, and the word's development in this sense is unique to English, though it since has been widely adopted in other languages; perhaps influenced You know we wouldn't think of stopping when it may mean life or death to you.

stuppa "coarse part of flax, tow." Plugs made of tow were used from ancient times in Rhine valley.

Hardly had he written the opening Largo than he had to stop working.

Nobody but you pays any attention to me, except when I stop working.

Stopping for a bite to eat in the kitchen, Linda went back to her room.

Crane must know that it was his implied desires that had led up to the stopping of Lucretia.

Burke retorted, with the effect of stopping the other short.

*stuppare "to stop or stuff with tow or oakum" (cf. On stopping and listening, I soon heard some person calling hogs.

He was to stop working; he had worked too hard, his brain was overtaxed.