He was always a gentleman -and 20 some odd years later, we're still good friends. I'd also bump the driving age from sixteen to eighteen.

The only physical relationships I had in high school were with bullies physically assaulting me.

A sexual relationship between a senior and a freshman doesn't seem so abhorrent compared to the abuse a lot of kids suffer.

The rich and celebrities use their status to get their way on some. However, I feel like, whatever happens in high school in the dating scene should remain in high school.

Unless it is rape, I don't see the need to get in the way of high schoolers learning dating relationships. I spent almost all of my freshman year 71-72 dating a HS senior.

The girl graduated a year before I started, and he married her right before band camp that summer. Then my senior year there were rumors swirling about him being involved with another student. To my knowledge he still coaches the girl's softball team.

There was also a drama teacher who there were rumors about involvement with a student- who also left the school abruptly and divorced her husband (who also taught at the school) during my senior year.Sorry, but I think there's something wrong with that large of an age difference either way, and in both instances the younger person could be taken advantage of. Why all this talk of being criminally liable and pressing charges and the like? That to me exacerbates the age gap when a woman is older, and somewhat mitigates when a boy is older.So, becuase girls mature quicker than boys, they must analyze their feelings for a younger boy and then act upon or not act upon that analyzation? God forbid I liked a boy and kissed him and maybe, just maybe, did other things. It's not an excuse, just pointing out that a girl who is 18 and a boy who is 14 are in very different places physical age wise, adding the emotional difference only adds to the disparity. Granted, he was only a year younger than me, but circumstances of our birth dates and where we started school (and the fact that he had to repeat a year) meant that he was in jr. We broke up because my parents thought we were too young to be so serious, but...Being Smart About Dating in High School Getting to Know Your Crush Attracting Your Crush Community Q&A Are you interested in someone but they happen to be a senior?Dating can be tough and the added obstacle of being in different grades can make your crush seem unattainable.Maybe it's the benevolent haze of memory but I don't have any regrets. Have great kids, several of whom are now in what appear to be great relationships.