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The show is simple, but that’s why it works: Two young singles show up for a date, where they’re forced to exchange phones and then immediately go in separate directions.

They take turns checking out what type of cringe-worthy content they can find, while the other person sits in a booth and comments on their discoveries.

Elite Daily assembled pairs of friends and had them exchange phones with the express purpose of going on each others' dating apps. Some of the participants welcome the advice of others, while some people prefer absolutely no intrusion into their dating lives, but reluctantly give in.

"Online dating is basically a web of text messages and never meeting someone," one woman says. Just FYI, you learn ~a lot~ about one of the participants straight away.

We wanted to see what would happen if you put your dating life in someone else's hands.

Would it step up your game, or wreck it completely?

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But, other than that it, she was pretty “tame,” in his words.

Once reunited, they both decided to “swipe right” on each other for a future date. For a show balling on a budget, you could do a lot worse.

Still, it’s a fear shared by many 20-somethings (and younger), and it’s what makes the show click.