Our partying was so sexualized, that I even had some brief lesbian encounters with a couple of the other girls that hung out with us, and were fucking the boys too.

It enhanced his ego to be able to share me with others, and he loved to watch me being fucked.

Although I kept up my studies and grades, by the time I began my junior year, I was a total submissive, slut, party girl who was regularly fucking Kevin and eight of his friends.

I immediately fell for him, and he was everything that Kevin wasn’t to me.

He treated me with respect, and didn’t even try to fuck me until our fourth date.

But by the time I went to college, to pursue my dual majors in secondary education and English, I had matured quite nicely.

I was then, and still am petite, at five feet and four inches tall and weighing one hundred and twenty pounds.

I met Bill through a friend when I was twenty-three, and he is kind, considerate, and loving, the opposite of my college boyfriend, who was emotionally abusive and uncaring.

My boyfriend took advantage of my submissive personality, and used me for his sexual pleasure, and that of his friends, and others.

She invited Bill to be my blind-date, and I was thrilled to meet him.

He’s six years older than me, and lived near me in Orlando.

After graduation, and getting away from that environment, I began to realize how demeaning my situation had been, and I resolved to find a more nurturing relationship in the future.