The news outlet, Media Pen, deleted their exclusive dating report regarding Teddy and Jennie.Recently, Media Pen shook the web by exclusively reporting that YG producer Teddy (39) is dating the popular Black Pink member Jennie (22).YG Entertainment responded in strong denial and commented, "This is the first time we're hearing such a rumor." The agency also warned legal action against those spreading false information about the two YG artists.

Teddy has created BLACKPINK’s songs including ‘Playing With Fire (불장난)’.

Meanwhile, Teddy had debuted back in 1998 as a member of 1TYM.

"We'll be responding with strong legal action against the rumors."In addition, YG Entertainment already denied the rumors earlier that day, saying, "This is the first time we're hearing such a rumor."Jennie and Teddy's dating rumors sparked conversation after Media Pen released an exclusive report saying the two Korean artists were dating, despite their 17-year age gap.

Teddy has produced many YG artists' tracks, including some of BLACKPINK's.

The news of the two dating became known in November of that year, and the two immediately acknowledged their relationship and reported that they had been dating for 6 months.

They were known to be public and confident about their relationship.He has been working as a producer afterwards, and created numerous hit songs.Jenny, who debuted as a BLACKPINK’s member last year, is currently getting much attention and love not only in Korea, but also worldwide.SEE ALSO: Teddy writes his first ever non-YG idol group song for 'Mix Nine'The actress and her boyfriend, Teddy, even revealed their photos together through Han Ye Seul's social media.In a short video released on Teddy's birthday last year, she was even seen kissing him on the cheek, making many people envious of their relationship. Also check out the FAQ & Answered messages links to see if your question has been answered!