We went to the movies a lot, and then hung out at the coffee house to dissect them afterwards.

We spent a lot of time at the comic book store, and he blushed as he told me later how all his nerd friends were totally jealous that he had such a "totally hot" sister.

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Most of that time was spent laughing with my little brother in endless conversation. Now, after all those years of mutual aggravation, we made time to get to know one another for real.

I was surprised to find that we had practically the same taste in bands and movies, we were both internet geeks, we loved to read and shared many favorite books in common.

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I slurped his rod back into my mouth and began to give my brother head in earnest.

Clutching the base of his cock with my hand, I bobbed my head all over his sweet dick, lashing him with my tongue, sucking him deep down my throat with my lips wrapped around his girth. My brother sighed with delight, and clutched his hands into my hair.

I broke off our kiss long enough to strip off my top. My little brother smiled his approval and went at them with his tongue.

He pinched and teased my right nipple, feeling it harden in response. He pulled it over my long legs and now I was spread buck naked before my brother.

I typically did the deed to get a boy hard, and once that was accomplished, it was time to fuck. Maybe it was the size of his dick, or maybe it was the naughty act of incest, but the sensation of his cock stuffed into my mouth was wonderfully sexual for me. I gave his dick one last lap, and then straddled his hips once again.