The Government also tackled head-on the economic incentives of traffickers by utilizing other regulations, including anti-money laundering and administrative powers, to complement anti-human trafficking efforts.

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One of the five winning couples will be eligible for the grand prize of $10,000, a Black Berry, and a video camera.

Eligibility for the grand prize requires the couples to blog, chat and tweet about their six-day Thai vacations featuring Bangkok, beach resorts Phuket, Samui and Pattaya, and the northern city of Chiang Mai.

An Ad Hoc Sub-Committee on Increasing Effectiveness of Human Trafficking Prosecution was set up to coordinate law enforcement authorities to enhance effectiveness in prosecution. Improved quality and speed of legal proceeding was due to better coordination between the police, prosecutors, the court of justice, and other law-enforcement agencies.

The work of special units in anti-trafficking, established for example in the Office of the Attorney-General and the Court of Justice, and the utilization of Inter-agency Database System helped enhance prosecution efficacy.

The final five couples and the grand prize winners will be chosen by a worldwide online ballot.

Thailand is world-renowned as a thriving tourist destination – its blend of cultural tradition, ancient dynasties, modern cities, friendly people and, of course, its outstandingly beautiful beaches and islands continue to enthrall visitors year-in; year-out.

The number of convicted offenders in 2016 was 268, which rose 30.7 percent in comparison to 205 in 2015.

Assets seized from traffickers increased by 307 percent to 22 million USD compared to 2015.

Significant achievements and progress made in 2016 were the increased number of human trafficking cases uncovered, investigated, indicted and convicted.

In 2016 the Royal Thai Police uncovered and investigated 333 cases and the Office of the Attorney-General indicted 301 cases, or an increase of 5 percent and 19.92 percent respectively compared to those in 2015.

Thai government agencies have also been in close touch with a number of local and international news agencies in order to exchange views and ensure the accuracy of information and same understanding of trafficking in persons issues.