If you take your second-generation Prius to a Toyota dealer and ask for a new battery, you’ll go home about 00 poorer.

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For now, let’s just destroy the myths: This myth may have come from the problems that existed with the earlier version of Prius that was sold in the US from 2001-2003.

That car had a smaller battery pack with some design flaws that reduced reliability.

The most cost-effective repair comes from buying a lightly-used battery pack from a salvage yard (there are enough of these cars on the road that some get crashed fairly young, providing a great supply of replacement batteries).

It takes a mechanic 2-4 hours of labor to do the swap.

They also convert the cars to full-fledged Electric Vehicles that you can charge in your own garage and then drive up to 40 miles on electricity alone, before the existing gas engine needs to kick in.

That conversions stuff is exciting enough to get its own article in the near future.

This is a special bonus follow-up to yesterday’s article on Cash-Efficient Cars. Do they explode when they crash or actually have a higher environmental footprint than a Hummer?