“I used to do (fan photos) when Jacob was little, but I stopped because he would get all hurt and ask, ‘Dad, what about me? Kristin moved to Arizona, taking their son, Jacob, with her.

The couple has remained friends, and Ortiz sees Jacob regularly.“I loved her, but we weren’t in love,” Ortiz says.

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Jameson met Ortiz at the peak of his popularity, and they hit it off quickly.

In a matter of months, the pair became the latest celebrity couple to consume the attention of Southern California paparazzi.

They attended movie premieres together, partied together, and thrived in the spotlight.

But things changed drastically two years into their relationship when, in the summer of 2008, Jameson got pregnant with the twins.

”Jameson did not respond to interview requests for this story, but in reports published in 2010, she denied ever having had a prescription drug addiction.

Jesse and Journey Ortiz were born seven weeks premature, on March 16, 2009, but their parents’ relationship continued to deteriorate.At 39, several years removed from a meteoric UFC rise that saw the smack-talking, grave-digging “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” go 11-2 and win six light heavyweight titles, Ortiz has found equilibrium with his family.The life he led in pursuit of stardom (a wild childhood marked by stealing, drinking, glue-sniffing, stints in juvenile hall and a complete lack of guidance from his hippie, drug- addicted parents) and the one he led during the peak of his stardom (a whirlwind of lavish parties with his adult film star ex-girlfriend, Jenna Jameson, fast cars, adoring women, pot and more drinking) are a galaxy away from his current world.To Ortiz’s right, his girlfriend, Amber Nichole Miller, works on an identical plate.Across from them, Ortiz’s 12-year-old son, Jacob, dribbles hot sauce onto his eggs, as his twin 5-year-old boys, Jesse and Journey, clown around on either side.October 11th, 2014 Huntington Beach, CA- Mixed martial arts fighter Tito Ortiz runs the steps at Huntington Beach high school during a fifteen minute cardio workout.