I adore all animals, and I WILL talk to them, squirrels included, in a "special" voice.

A nice home cooked meal with some red wine is my type of night! I am passionate about art, I draw on the computer and follow many artists online. Someone who i can be with a fatal attraction who can be in my life that is fair 50/50.

I am very compassionate, and I try to be silly at times. I grew up in a small town and moved to Toronto about 6 years ago. I am very adventurous and open minded and always looking to learn and try out new things.

I would steal your pet(s), but I have enough of my own - 2 amazing dogs, 2 somewhat amazing cats, and a chill bearded dragon (there may or may not be fish and frogs as well...).

Oh, I also have two stellar, mostly grown-up kids, who I am blessed to have with me 50% of the time.

I like to I am doing a massive edit of my profile here mostly because my old profile makes me sound like all i do is talk about bigfoot and fairies and matriarchs all the time, when really I enjoy realism too, and great works of fiction :), creativity, I would love to find someone as interested in helping animals as myself, I spend a lot of time helping, it would be nice to have that person by my side. Having a coffee, I am a huge cfl fan, i like some other sports.

I listen to heavy metal music most of the time but i am adaptable.My interests include gaming, sharing and listening, reading and writing, Life is what we want it to be. (I bow down in awe of the cosmos) I am attracted to radiance...shiny people who care to be kind.I have travelled widely, but have settled back down in Montreal to further educate myself.I am greatly missing a woman to share a special, deeper connection with and all the magic that can happen between two women.I am sensitive, emotionally aware, very passion tons of humour sensibility..could seems quite pretentious but i think this is a good suitcase to meet friends and enjoy everything i do.Best dates: anything really, but I do like cooking a meal at home with a good bottle of wine, a movie/Netflix marathon all weekend long, a special dinner at a good resto, or local dive, lazy mornings in flannel shirts with books and newspapers, solving a crossword, scoring great finds at thrift shops, used book stores, or any little shop in any corner of the world.