We have received many reports that users are finding their i Phone and i Pad devices ‘bricked’ after attempting the over-the-air i OS 10 update.To restore, affected users must then plug their devices into i Tunes on Mac or PC to restore the device.

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Then reopen Settings and try downloading the software again.

If your i Phone stops responding during the download it may be that it has hung.

Users are reporting mixed consequences after performing the restore with some saying that the device completed its update to i OS 10 whilst others report it could only update back to i OS 9.3.5.

This is likely a server issue as Apple handles the extreme load of everyone trying to update their devices all at once.

If you are going to jump into the update, make sure your device is backed up just in case.

You may also opt to take the safer route, installing via a wire, if you have read this before jumping the gun and hitting the update button.In that case, if you are having issues with the download time, it may be that your Wi Fi network isn't performing.Read this: How to fix problems with Wi Fi on i Phone or i Pad.The only known solution is to plug the device into i Tunes and use a Mac or Windows computer to restore the firmware.We are also getting separate reports that i Tunes users are unable to access i Cloud Music Library after updating to the new i Tunes 12.5.1.While it's worth waiting a while longer, just in case it's just taking a long time, if you are convinced that the phone has crashed then you could reset it.