” “I would like to express my gratitude to all the staff of Christian Filipina in guiding and helping us find our future partners.

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Thank you to everyone that winked or wrote, it was a pleasure talking to all of you.

Lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths. ” “Thank you to Peter and all of his wonderful Personnel at Christian Filipina!

I am helping a work mate who is amazed by what I am telling him and wants to join as soon as I get back from holidays. ” “First of all, I would like to thank the Lord above for sending me the man that I wish to be with for the rest of my life! I am truly grateful for Christian Filipina and would like to extend my sincerest thanks to all the CF Staff for bringing us together. ” “I met my beautiful wife in Christian Filipina on November 2016.

Lastly, I also want to thank all the people who chatted with me for quite sometime, to those who sent me messages and winks. Be patient, be true and most importantly, be yourself! We got engaged on February 14, 2017 and married on April of the same year.

“I have found the one; I’m going to the Philippines on April 19, and will get married to her on the 26th at the Hall of Justice, Iloilo City.

I pray that everyone will be as lucky as me, and find their true love. ” “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the staff of Christian Filipina in making my and my lady’s dream come true.

We both have been searching for the very special person for years and it’s only when we connected with CF, and with the help of God, that made it possible for Judilyn and I.

After weeks of communication we realized we both are so well matched.

And remember, God has someone out there for you as long as your intentions are true & you have faith and trust in Him. We are now looking forward to the next level of our journey. Currently, she is waiting for her visa to join me in England.