If you searched for Ma Nuo the rumor that some people have had enough of her pops up all over the place.

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The incident quickly spawned its own separate Wikipedia entry -- "Wikipedia blocked in Turkey".

Turkey has become notorious over the last years for temporarily blocking access to popular sites, including Facebook and Twitter, in the wake of major events such as mass protests or terror attacks.- 'Sanctity of the family' -In a decree issued late Saturday evening, Turkey also banned hugely popular television dating shows, a move that been mooted for months by the government."In radio and television broadcasting services, such programmes in which people are introduced to find a friend.... Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said in March that the ban was in the pipeline, arguing the shows do not fit in with Turkish traditions and customs."There are some strange programmes that would scrap the institution of family, take away its nobility and sanctity," Kurtulmus said at the time.

Now that is the usual celebrity tabloid or some sort of devious trick to ban a her from the station is of course open to question.

(and this question is hot debated in Tianya a few week ago with no obvious conclusions as usual) doc: I'm glad that you have watched more reality shows and dating shows than me, but I think Yan Fengjiao has been covered on other English language portals (China SMACK).

As a popular genre fused with a neoliberal reasoning as well as traditional matchmaking principles, young Chinese men’s interpretations of the most popular Chinese reality dating programme is connected to dating and relationship practices in everyday lives.

An individualized relationship pattern drawing upon a market principle and consumerist mentality, as well as traditional collective values, is observed.

Turkey's Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) said it had implemented the ban against online encyclopedia with an administrative order.

Turkish state media said the ban was imposed because Wikipedia had failed to remove content promoting terror and accusing Turkey of cooperation with various terror groups.

If you would like to enlighten us, of course, it's appreciated. But just wondering why the elephant in the room is missing while on that topic of If You Are The One (非城勿扰).

But there's no need to question why a post is made when the point of the post is not to say who is posing nude when and for what, rather summarizing potential bans or changes in TV programming. As for banning of Ma Nuo is only a rumor, Yan Fengjiao is actually taken off the show and never appear again on TV, Tang Wei style.

Opponents of the ruling Islamic-rooted Justice and Development Party (AKP) government frequently voice fears that Turkey is sliding toward conservative Islam under Erdogan.