For example, adobe didn't provide an the camera raw 9.10.1 update for pse 15 and now the camera raw 9.12 update has come out. You are not satisfied and you will always not be satisfied.

updating adobe camera raw-44updating adobe camera raw-38updating adobe camera raw-28

Also note that, cameras compress RAW files to 16 bit compression.

This is why we convert from RAW (camera files) to Photoshop TIFF files.

Okay now adobe has issued 3 including the 9.10.1, 9.12 and just out 9.12.1 camera raw updates since the last 9.10 camera raw plugin that is available for pse 15.

Last time i checked pse 15 was the current pse version and nobody knows whether there will even be a pse 16.

Also you can subscribe to Photoshop CC by the month then you will see how you so miss Elements again.

But this may erase all doubts about the plugins in the full Photoshop.

Older versions up to pse 10 had the updates available as downloadable from the adobe updates page, but since pse 11 adobe doesn't provide the separate update installers anymore.

My gripe is either photoshop elements doesn't get new camera raw update at or near the same time photoshop does or doesn't get the update at all and pse 15 will still be the current pse version till late september or early october when the new photoshop elements versions come out, so elements users don't get camera raw updates for like 4 or 5 monthsand adobe starting doing that around the time pse 11 came out.

I think these builds would be an ongoing update for Adobe as a guess.