Don't you think V is trying to cope with his emotions where you can't see him?

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(no hearts) That was the RFA chatroom, the den of flourish of suspicions and conspiracy! ] Whatever it is you have to do, you should eat first - [Jaehee] You should hurry up and eat, Jaehee!

(no hearts) Jaehee, you should hurry up and eat too! (no hearts) Cheer up T-T (no hearts) Did you make any mistake during your audition?

(no hearts) Then he could have called me lol I want to know more about the RFA.

(no hearts) I got it from the store lol That's a secret. Please don't suspect me, and let's just be friends. So - (no hearts) What does he want to know about me?

(no hearts) Welcome, Yoosung ^^ (no hearts) She's eating lunch box from convenience store T-T Waaah (no hearts) Is it because you're frustrated when you think about V? (no hearts) That sounds like a waste of your tuition.

Don't you think a third-party's evaluation is really meaningless? [V & Jumin] I don;t know about Rika and V's relationship... (no hearts) It feels unnatural that they didn't share everything with each other. Even if there really is a secret, he wouldn't do anything that can harm the RFA, would he? Please be patient with the Mystic Messenger walkthroughs. This will be easy to raise the love meters ^^ Tell me more about Rika and V - (no hearts) Yes, please tell me more. There is A LOT of content to cover in the span of an entire route - including multiple [relationship] endings (good/bad/neutral/etc). Let's just put it that way - [Jumin] I want to be friends with everyone... (no hearts) I thin you'll be able to trust me after some time...