Arris also offered a companion appliance, the Moxi Mate, which can stream live or recorded TV from a Moxi HD DVR.Digeo was founded in 1999 (originally under the name Broadband Partners, Inc.) by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, with headquarters in Kirkland, Washington.

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Digeo also adopted most of the Moxi hardware, (originally focused on satellite consumer electronics) as well as some of the Linux extensions.

These were merged into Digeo's own Linux-based infrastructure and cable-specific hardware, with Digeo's prized and Emmy award-winning user interface, now known as Moxi Menu, on top. were purchased by Arris Group, a communications technology company specializing in the design and engineering of broadband networks.

Cross-conversion between HD signals (720p and 1080i) are very good.

However, up-conversion from SD to HD introduces significant video artifacts, and 480p output produces a very soft picture.

Multi-room viewing is supported using a small (and less expensive) companion device called a Moxi Mate.

The Moxi product line was released to retail in December 2008 after many years of being available only to cable operators. The Moxi HD DVR is a Broadcom BCM7400-based set top box designed to work with a Multi-stream Cable CARD.

Ceton Infini TV 4 Multi-Tuner PC Card Ceton Corp support website Support line: 1-866-265-5541 Moxi 3-Tuner HD DVR Moxi support website Support line: 1-866-969-6694 Ti Vo HD DVR Ti Vo support website Support line: 1-877-367-8486 Spectrum launched Switched Digital Video (SDV) in many neighborhoods around the country.

Channels delivered using SDV are sent to your television only when you want to watch them.

Moxi features were added to the Arris Moxi Gateway and Moxi Player, for sale to cable companies only.