While the NTL situation only affected the corporate company, the Eircom situation is much different.

It’s completely wrong for an unsuspecting person to have to pay for someone who logs on to their network uninvited and racks up a bill for that person because they didn’t know they were susceptible to this hack.

If I worked for UPC, I would so far count this as a huge success as users of the forums seem to have given up any hope of there ever being a fix. But I imagine a lot of people will begin to change over to Sky now as it’s a much better offering!

After sifting through hundreds of emails though, one email caught my eye from a guy calling himself Daithi Boyce.

I tried to make sense of it by adding a bit of grammar….: tom ur an asshole. well didnt fuckin help with the starview boxs s with all your shite on the net.

Specifications are exactly the same, even though it’s advertised as being an upgrade.

Looking closely at the system, the only change really is the EPG (Electronic Programming Guide).

According to the forums, MUTV and the Adult Channels are the ones that have been hit first.

They also suggest that over the next few days, people using Starviews, Eurovox’s or any other dodgy box will slowly see their channels disappear.In the past, when you scrolled thorough the channels to see what was on next, it would also change the channel. Now though, you can scroll through the channels to see what’s on, without changing channel.Another new addition is the time beside the info for each channel and it also shows what’s on next.regards you greedt prick signed daithi Well Happy New Year to you too Daithi, I really don’t understand how I’ve annoyed you.Do you think it’s ok to steal services from providers just because you can or that it’s too expensive? But I do agree with you that it’s not fair that these services are not affordable for everyone.Since then, I’ve been keeping my eye on developments on this front, hoping that I am proven right that NTL will actually find a way to prevent this.