All Employees are legally entitled to a Written Statement, which they must receive within two months of starting the job.

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This is especially the case if your employer is trying to change fundamental terms in your contract.

Fundamental changes include your wage, the hours you work, or whether you’re considered full time or casual.

Keep an eye out for changes to your company policy, and any correspondence your employer may give you that provides you with notice regarding proposed changes to your employment agreement.

Once you become aware of any potential changes to your employment agreement, or have been asked by your employer to sign off on certain changes, we suggest that you speak with a contract attorney as soon as possible.

These changes are considered to be fundamental because, by altering these terms in your agreement, your employer is essentially creating a new contract of employment with you.

If you think that your employer may have changed a fundamental term in your employment contract, or has proposed to change a fundamental term, you should speak with a contract attorney.

You should keep an eye out for changes to your company policy, as your employer will generally direct you to these changes as, and when, they are made.

If you are unsure about how these changes will affect you, speak to a contract attorney to find out more.

There is always a contract between you and your employer, even if you do not have anything in writing, because you have agreed to work for your employer in return for them paying you.