Uploads would consistently fail with an error from avrdude.I extracted the avrdude binary from the arduino-1.0 download package and installed it as /usr/bin/avrdude.

In that case, you will see an error message like this: ), I pretty much used a mishmash of various different installation documents from different distributions that were out there.

This document is to cover what all I found that needed to be done to get the Arduino to work under distribution is not good enough to run the Arduino environment.

for me, the version of jdk that I used to make it all work was jdk1.5.0_09.

Now for the rpms, as root, install the following rpms from the Fedora repos: $-20PU chip.

Then proceed as normal, download Arduino, unpack and enjoy!

Good Luck, Jerry The Ardruino tarball only includes a 32-bit version of librxtx Serial.so, the native portion of the Java

The Diecimilla seems to need the custom version of avrdude and if you try to use the system version you will get the 'Yikes! As we have a separate avrdude packaging, the one which accompanies the stock IDE distribution is also able to be removed, and the one installed by yum under the package management system and so in the system stock executable path may be used instead.

Again, start by finding the version to remove: A reader adds: The distribution's standard packages did not work for me on two different Fedora 14 systems with an Arduino UNO.

The solution to this problem was to download the avr-libc package from Now unzip the binary and look for a file called crtm168.o. At this point, you should be able to run the Arduino IDE environment and upload programs to the chip.